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Heavy Oil & Bitumen Characterization

We offer our expertise in finding properties of heavy oil fractions needed for complete characterization. Here are typical testing methods. Visit our Advanced Material Analysis page for other characterization techniques available.


Carbon residue is the residue that remains behind after evaporation and pyrolysis of crude oil/ bitumen under given conditions. It is indicative of the coke forming tendency of the oil under thermal degradation conditions. We offer to determine MCR for various oil samples with high accuracy and precision. An oil sample is heated upto 500 °C for 20 min under inert atmosphere. The amount of residue left after pyrolysis is indicative of carbon residue.  

Application: Petroleum Chemistry, Petroleum Refining etc.


Determination of viscosity at various temperatures is crucial in order to understand the fluid dynamics of oil or oil mixed with diluents.  The application of viscosity is a very broad area that mainly includes petroleum chemistry, coatings and paints, food and beverage and polymer science. We offer determination of viscosity for various samples.  The instrument employed for this purpose is Brookfield  Viscometer.


Karl Fisher Coulometric Titration is used to determine the water content in a non aqueous liquid mixture or in a solvent. Application includes petroleum chemistry, organometallic chemistry, paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals etc.